Car Wash Association


We are always happy to answer basic questions by telephone but for anything more many of our clients find our One to One Advice Clinics invaluable.

Our One to One Advice Clinics can be held either in our own training facility or at a location of your choice.

Our highly experienced team will work with you on all aspects of running a fully regulated wash site:

Setting up your business
Site design
Health and safety

As we work with you building your new site we can also be helping you work towards your WashMark Certification.

We will look at every aspect of your business plan and ensure that you have taken everything into consideration before you set off on the exciting journey of running your new car wash business and it can very often save you from making costly mistakes further down the road.

The cost of the One to One Advice Clinics:

At our offices in Essex £145.00 plus VAT
At your location £270 - £430 plus VAT dependent on where you are based in the UK.

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