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At the Car Wash Advisory Service we recognise that whilst a car wash centre can be highly profitable, it can also be quite time consuming and certainly if it has been under performing, expensive during the first stages of growth. The Car Wash Advisory Service offers its registered sites a whole series of services from its highly knowledgeable and professional in-house team to help you build your wash centre and become a centre of excellence and a very positive asset whilst providing you with exceptional value.

All of our team members are fully trained and PIA Certified.


Bay cleaning - Never underestimate the power of a great clean!


This includes walls/glass, ceiling, floor and equipment.

Registered sites £100.00 plus VAT

Additional Standard bays cleaned during a visit to undertake an initial bay clean:

Registered sites - £ 60.00 plus VAT


All the benefits of a standard clean PLUS the outside glass, fascia,etc of
the bay with the addition of limescale and algae inhibitors, so your bay
stays looking great for longer as well as increasing the life of your equipment.

Registered sites - £135.00 plus VAT

Additional Standard Plus+ bays cleaned during a visit to undertake
an initial bay clean:

Registered sites - £ 70.00 plus VAT


Keep your bays looking fresh and inviting with a new coat of paint.
We only use specialist paints that stays looking great for longer
without peeling and discoloration. Price includes removal of old
paint, priming and repainting.

Surface 1 (wall or ceiling Standard bay size) £600.00 plus VAT
Additional surfaces each £300.00 plus VAT

If you would like additional painting undertaken at the same site
please ask for a quotation.


Under Canopy Clean

We clean the sides and underside of the canopy, stanchions, under canopy
floor and then we hand finish the pumps and shop windows. All cleaning
is carried out to our exacting standards.

4 - 6 stanchions
Registered sites £380.00 plus VAT

8+ stanchions
Registered sites £480.00 plus VAT

Additional Canopy areas or additional forecourt/parking area outside of
the under canopy area are charged at £80 plus VAT


We all know that when a garden is newly tidied it looks fab and the same
applies to your site foliage.

Whilst we do not profess to be landscapers, our team are full trained to
undertake general garden maintenance and will leave leave your site looking
beautifully spruced.

Registered sites £ 60.00 plus VAT per visit
12 month plan with 6 visits £300.00 plus VAT

For larger clearing work or maintenance (tree surgery etc) we will
organise and supervise the required professional whilst on your site, please
ask for a quote.


A 12 month legionella protection programme that includes:

Risk Assessment
Monthly temperature monitoring
Monthly bacteria testing
Full site training.
1 disinfection of your wash systems per year.

Registered sites £989.00 plus VAT


Consistency of service is vital for a busy thriving business and when
your are at your wash site your service levels are easy to maintain
but what happens when you are away on business or having a much
needed day off?

We offer a service whereby we can enter your establishment posing
as a customer and can offer covert filming services, using this we
are able to establish a picture over a series of time periods to build a
cross section of the service a typical customer to your site might receive.

Clearly we all hope that our findings will offer a glowing picture of the
service received on a day to day basis but if there are any challenges be
they big or small we can create a plan to help you and your team overcome them.

We know that by improving your customers' experience of your service
this will act to increase your revenue.

Serious breaches of health and safety are reported to the client immediately
and a full report is sent to the client within 48 hours of our visit.

12 month contract with 12 visits to include the cost of the wash purchased.

Registered sites £420 plus VAT


We all want to be able to trust our team but sadly a bad apple finds
their way in and suddenly stock starts disappearing or the till doesn't
balance and this can lead to poor staff moral and of course loss of revenue.
Our fully trained investigators, posing as staff members can work with you to
identify the culprit and get your site back on balance.

Please call us on 01376 564070 to talk to us in complete confidence.

OR CALL US ON 01376 564070

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