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The WashMark is the industry certificate of quality and compliance.

Because we audit every site that applies for the WashMark thoroughly, for the wash site it means they can be sure that they are making every effort to comply with all commercial and environmental regulations.

The consumer can be completely confident that where they see the WashMark not only will they get a superb wash but also that they are supporting their local environment, the UK economy and standing up against human trafficking.

Auditing of the WashMark is done by our own independent investigations team. You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire which will be sent to you by email. Once we have all of your details and have completed an onsite visit we will be able to decide which WashMark to award to you.

Taking part in the WashMark is great way to differentiate your site from those around you. It gives your consumers confidence that you care both about them, their cars and the people whom you employ. N.B. Sites applying for their WashMark will be audited

Costs for WashMark certification:

Bronze/Silver/Gold £450.00 VAT
Reapplication fee £199.00 plus VAT

These prices are based on single site company and multiple site discounts are available upon request.

Further information can be received from your local agent or by calling 01376 564070

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