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With the world now focusing on green and eco friendly products, the car wash market is changing. Chemicals and pressure washers are all well and good, but with the environment agency cracking down on illegal practice, there is a real need for something environmentally friendly on the market.

The 2nd Generation range of VapourSteam cleaners from Morclean offer a cost effective, green alternative to pressure washers and chemicals. They use the power of steam to sanitise and clean all parts of a car ? exterior, interior, engine and alloys included. You can clean the whole car with just one machine in no time at all.

Why switch to using VapourSteam?

- it's Eco-Friendly and requires no chemicals
- it's safe with no high pressure jets
- dual controls available - two people can use one machine
- low water residue and runoff
- no scratches
- no watermarks
- no waste water
- Cleans brake dust, alloys, exterior, interior and engine with ease
- Reaches tricky and tight areas
- Achieves a superior finish without chemicals?

Go Green with the Morclean VapourSteam.

More information about Morclean and their products can be found on their website or freephone 0800 1300 402!

Morclean also specialise in other areas of commercial cleaning. Our permanent, semi-permanent and inflatable wash pads provide a tailored solution to valeters whether they are based in one area or several areas. This bespoke option allows valeters to clean and collect water for washing the vehicles, in line with the Environment Agency guidelines and laws.

Morclean also allow the option for water reclaim and interceptor units where necessary for valeting operations. These work with the site to ensure all wastewater is lawfully collected and disposed of.

For the more mobile valeter, we also supply a range of pressure washers, dry and wet vacuums for use on the go! For those on-site, we also have many high quality, reliable static machines too.

As well as this, Morclean has manufactured their own BinWash machine that acts as the perfect start-up business model to any budding entrepreneurs; with our Bin Wash machines you have the potential to earn lots of money and establish a loyal client base. The Bin Wash machine is a trailer mounted machine that allows the user to offer home cleaning for dustbins, green bins and even extends to patio and decking cleaning etc. Please see our website for further details.

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