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The UK vehicle washing industry in 2015 is, quite frankly, in a mess. Whilst some mechanical wash sites offer a great service many do not and are dirty and unappealing to the consumer. There are over 19,000 unregulated hand car wash sites that fail to meet any of the basic requirements under UK law, both environmental and commercial, and as if that isn’t bad enough many of these unregulated sites are used for people trafficking and/or staff exploitation.

We at the Car Wash Advisory Service feel that it is time to make a stand against what is in the best case scenario simply bad practice and at its worst completely illegal.

We realise that many unregulated wash sites are unaware that there are regulations with which they must comply and to that end we are offering to help.

However, we are also aware that currently this country is being used by organised criminals who are using wash sites for money laundering, people trafficking and a whole host of other illegal activities, our message to them is we know who you are and we are working to bring you to the attention of the relevant authorities and have your activities ceased.

Even with the most basic calculations we are aware that the UK government are currently loosing over a billion pounds each year from income not received from unregulated vehicle washing sites and that doesn't come close to the human cost.

Our promise for 2015:

• We will work with regulated sites to improve their wash quality and
• We will help unregulated sites who wish to become compliant.
• Unregulated sites who wish to continue to flout the law, we will
work to have you closed.
• Employees of vehicle wash sites that are being exploited can talk to
us in complete confidence and we will help them.
• We will work to educate government agencies and related companies
who do not fully understand the regulations that surround vehicle
• Our biggest promise is to the consumer. Your car is often your
second biggest purchase and you deserve to know that when you choose
to a use vehicle wash site that it is the safest place to wash your
car and fully legitimate.

We know that currently it’s difficult to understand which sites are regulated from those that aren't and with the WashMark certification system we aim to help you be better informed and make the decision simple.

The shambles that is the current UK vehicle washing industry has been driven by complete apathy on the part of both this and the previous government and its agencies.

It is time for change and we are challenging all parties to talk to us and work with us to understand the problems unregulated vehicle washing causes for the UK.

Currently each of the political parties are after your vote for the next election and they want to talk about their policies on:

Tax evasion, the environment and immigration are all key factors for each of the parties and these are all problems directly related to unregulated vehicle wash sites.

To support our actions we would encourage wash sites to come forward, register with us and apply for the WashMark. Consumers to follow us on twitter @carwashadvice and start asking questions of political parties who want their votes.

Any questions? Please email us at or follow us on Facebook at carwashadvisoryservice. For further and more details you can find us at

Welcome to the new Car Wash Advisory Service website!

We will still be working on it in the background for the next few days and so if you can't find something or have suggestions of how we can make it even better why not drop us a line to

On Monday 2nd February 2015 we will be making a huge announcement that will affect the UK wash industry going forward.

The Car Wash Association (CWA) was formed in 2007 to promote best practice within the car wash industry. We are going from strength to strength as a company and as such are now offering vehicle bay cleaning to our services and are looking to expand our team of bay cleaners and marketing engineers in order to offer a full coverage across the UK.

Working as a bay cleaning engineer, you will spend 4 days out of each week travelling across the country visiting our various wash sites and cleaning them using chemicals, a pressure washer and often a lot of elbow grease! As this role is quite labour intensive, we do ask that applicants have some degree of upper body strength.You will be put up in a hotel each of the nights that you are away from home and will be given a food and fuel allowance. At some wash sites you may also be asked to clean the canopy and stanchions, paint the wash bay, install graphics, and do some light landscaping under direction from our small friendly office based team.

Whilst we do not ask for any specific qualifications other than a full, clean driving licence as full training will be given, some mechanical knowledge, CoSHH qualification or holding a current PIA passport would be advantageous but is not essential. You will representing the company on the frontline so we ask for a clean shaven and smartly dressed appearance - uniform and PPE will be provided.

We are looking for someone who shows some spark and initiative and if you have any experience/qualifications that we may not have thought of then please let us know as we are looking for someone who can bring something new and fresh to the company!

£13,124.80-16,000.00 depending on experience, plus bonuses.

Please apply to us with a CV or call Caitlin on 01376564070 for more information.

Is it the helpful and friendly staff that really go above and beyond their role to help you? Or is it a thorough and unrivaled clean? Or maybe it is their excellent attitude towards conserving the environment?

We want to know what you think makes them so great!

Contact us on: and tell us why!

The site that you have nominated could be in with a chance to win a years' free membership to the Car Wash Association and the nominee will also be entered into a draw to win a fantastic prize!



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