Car Wash Association


No matter if it's your pride and joy or just a way to get from A to B, your car will be important to you. So when you have it washed, you want it done properly.

Hover the cursor over the heading 'washing your car' and you will find pages that tell you about every type of vehicle washing.

We know that you are busy people and so we have kept the information simple and straight to the point.

To find sites registered with CWAS click on the button on the home page and it will bring up a map. Zoom in to the area you are looking for and you can see who in your area is currently registered with us. At the moment most of the tags are red but within the next few weeks they will start to change colour: Bronze for the Bronze WashMark (our minimum standard WashMark and working towards our Silver WashMark), Silver for the Silver WashMark (complies with all current environmental and commercial regulations), or Gold for our top award of WashMark (our Gold WashMark complies with all current environmental and commercial regulations PLUS they comply with our own exacting standards of customer service).

Now when you see the WashMark you can make an informed decision about where you wash your car!

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